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Old Cork Homestead Conservation Plan

May 2004

Old cork homestead

Old Cork homestead is located 150 southwest of Winton on the Diamantina River. The homestead was built of sandstone in the early 1880s when Cork Station was partly owned by Thomas McIlwraith, the then premier of Queensland. The house is now partly a ruin, having been abandoned about 30 years ago.

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Old Cork Homestead Conservation Plan

Historical overview Roma Street Parkland

April 2004

This historical overview was commissioned in 2002 by the Queensland government to provide a historical context for the recently opened Roma Street Parklands. The overview was published only as a PDF document available online.

Historical overview Roma Street Parkland precinct

Qld Health Heritage Survey

May 1996

This survey was commissioned by Queensland Health to assess the heritage significance of all their sites. It was at the time the most comprehensive assessment of health buildings in Queensland.

By comprehensively assessing all sites, comparative analysis was possible for a reange of building types including maternity hospitals.