Maroochy River Lift Bridge Conservation Plan

The Maroochy River Lift bridge was erected in 1921 by the Moreton Central Mill company. It was built as part of the expansion of the tram network in the district and was catalyst for the expansion of the industry on the northern side of the Maroochy River.

The bridge was decommissioned in 2003 with the closure of the Moreton Central Mill.

The Maroochy River lift bridge is the only example of this type of bridge in Queensland. Lift bridges were a form of moveable bridge that allowed the construction of a low level bridge while permitting the movement of vessels. Lift bridges were not common in Australia and were only built where it was necessary to provide clearance for vessels. In Queensland , most rail and road bridges were built over waterways that were not used by vessels requiring clearance. High level bridges were normally built when clearance was required. Lift bridge were only suitable and feasible in a situation such as on the Maroochy River that did not carry a large volume of watercraft.