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Roof Trees – a beach house

Monday, March 12th, 2007

Roof Trees

Roof Trees was a fine example of a 1920s beach house at Redcliffe.

Rooftrees was built as a family holiday house in 1929 by Flora Harris. Rooftrees was designed almost as two houses built in a U shape joined in the middle by 2 big lounges separated by large sliding doors. These could be pulled back to create one large living room. The two houses were named Alpha and Beta, with the intention that Flora’s daughter and family could use the Alpha wing and Flora’s son’s family could use the Beta wing. Flora named the house Rooftrees in reference to the main beam which holds up the roof. Just like a tree, the house was to give shelter, enjoyment, protection and room to spread out for Flora’s family and friends.

The two halves were decorated differently. Alpha was decorated in red and green, including the furniture, bedspreads and curtains. Beta was decorated with orange and blue.

The house has subsequently been relocated from the site to another property north of Brisbane

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Bancroft sea baths

Wednesday, May 24th, 2006

bancroft sea baths

bancroft sea baths

These unusual features are located on the foreshore at Deception Bay.
They were made for Dr Joseph Bancroft and his family. Joseph Bancroft
was a leading Queensland medical practitioner and researcher during the
19th century who has a property at Deception Bay. The baths were cut out
of a sandstone outcrop on the foreshore.

One of the baths was possibly intially constructed for Joseph’s wife,
Ann. Ann had an illness and sea bathing was recommended as a cure. The
larger bath has timber steps for easy access.


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